Personas No Gratas

[Ciudad de México, México - October 28th, 2021]

Big thans to Personas no gratas for this amazing interview. We hope to see soon. Thanks for all the great vibes and listeners that follow us from that moment. Love you all.

Rock al Aire - TV Show

[Tegucigalpa, Honduras - September 19th, 2021]

Thanks to Rock al Aire for this amazing interview. Absolutely that was kind of short interview but we really felt the great vibes from Honduras. Thank you and keep rocking!

Muchik Radio

[Trujillo, Peru - September 03th, 2021]

Trujillo is a rocker city located in the north of Peru and this radio called Muchik Radio is one of the best radios of the region that use to play very cool music and this time, our cool friend Erik decided to make an interview with the band and always it’s a pleasure to be connected with these kind people.

Radio Amadeus 91.9

[Córdoba, Argentina - September 03th, 2021]

Talking about rock music and how this can make people believe more on themselves, this is awesome. Thank you to this amazing country that always support us in this incredible way of pure music, special thanks to Radio Amadeus 91.9, from Cordoba, Argentina.

Tiempos de Radio

[Lima, Peru - August 26th, 2021]

Now we know we also have some good friends here in the capital (Lima). Thanks for the big support guys. Tiempos de Radios is one of the best radios of the whole internet.

Alto Voltaje TV cable

[Trujillo, Peru - August 24th, 2021]

Big thanks to Alto Voltaje for this interview and for the support received. You need to watch this interview.

Bitt TV

[Lima, Peru - August 21st, 2021]

Thanks to Bitt TV for this amazing interview and for the big support received. Also, special thanks to Cucho Galarza, for those amazing words that inspire us to continue making what we love, music.

Radio El Aguantadero

[Montevideo, Uruguay - August 17th, 2021]

The Ceo of Radio El Aguantadero is a genius, a guy who does many great things at the same time. It’s an honor to be interviewed by this amazing guy called Rogelio. Thank you so much for this funny momment sharing our knowledge about music and many more thing. Thanks buddy. 

Rostros al aire [TV]

[Veracruz, Mexico - July 20th, 2021]

Big thanks to the mexican music TV Show ROSTROS AL AIRE for the support and specialy for every single compliment received, cuz those kind of words move us to continue working so hard, pretending to show our best to everyone for rocking together.

Parada Norte [América TV]

[Chiclayo, Peru - July 18th, 2021]

In a really early day, we had an interesting interview in honor to the world rock’s day and we got surprised with some questions made but anyways, it is always amazing to share everything what we have, specialy with Parada Norte which is an amazing tv show.

Radio Vopaleson [El Grito]

[Medellín, Colombia - July 16th, 2021]

So cool to be part of this interview, Emma Lluncor felt so happy to be part of this awesome momment and we all really hope to to have a talk like this so soon. Radio Vopaleson always receive us with open arms. We appreciate it, thank you so much, you are part of the Cloverstain family.

Activa Hits Radio

[Oslo, Norway - July 07th, 2021]

Maybe this was one of the funniest interviews we’ve done until now. That guy, J. Marre, is an amazing person, we talked many things about Cloverstain, how it was born and the future projects and let Emma Lluncor play the promotional song «The end». Many cool things happened into this interviews, that’s why you should check it out. Thank you so much Karla Rojas and J. Marre, great people from Activa Hits Radio (located in Olso, Norway), you are incredible people and now you are part of the Cloverstain family.

Hola Jalisco

[Jalisco, Mexico - July 01st, 2021]

This was an amazing experience. People from Hola Jalisco received us with open arms and it feels so great to know that our family is bigger and bigger, all over cuz we feel a super good vibe that is around us, and this is just because of all of your. The transmition was kind of low because of internet conection but was finally. We loved it, and as it was mentioned in the interview, we really hope to be there in Mexico someday rocking with all that beautiful people, specially our full album Find my soul.

Radio Vopaleson

[Medellín, Colombia - June 24th, 2021]

Probably this was the most different interview that Cloverstain has had in the whole existence. Vopaleson radio is an amazing radio that also support us playing our music and it’s part of their english playlist, next to Pearl Jam, Audioslave and cool alternative rock music like that. There were many difficult questions during the interview but that made it absolutely great. You should check it out.

Influencias Radio

[Noord, Aruba - [April 16th, 2021]

This was a really funny interview with our friends from Influencias Radio which is located in Noord (Aruba). Actually the reason why of this interview was the celebration of the first anniversary of Influencias Radio. All of us were so happy to have that funny converstaion and absolutely, this radio is also past of Cloverstain family.

Radio Radar 2.0

[Chiclayo, Peru - September 04th, 2020]

We should say that this kind of interview was a different one, cuz before this starts, we knew all the specifics stufs we had to say, and then the song started sounding. Thanks Radio Radar 2.0 for the opportunity to be part of your program. Last but not least, this radio station in the second one (after Santa Victoria Radio) that gave us an space and it’s cool cuz these two radios are from the city where the leader of Cloverstain, Emma Lluncor, was born.

Muchik Radio

[Trujillo, Peru - [August 14th, 2020]

We enjoyed that period of time, answering their questions and letting people know about our next projects, and we saw toguether one of our favourite songs called «Forget it» from our first record «Find my soul«. Our friends from Muchik Radio are amazing people and we really hope we can meet someday soon again.

Dale Play - Radio Santa Victoria

[Chiclayo, Peru - [February 13th, 2020]

Wherever you meet good friends you will always feel like home. That’s what happen when we were invited for an interview by the radio program «Dale Play» by Radio Santa Victoria. They’re just amazing people. Unfortunately the video recording didn’t record the full interview but you can see what’s in here and it’s so funny. Cool momments. Thank you Radio Santa Victoria for spreading out the album of Cloverstain with your audience.