Hi, this is
Emma Lluncor

I am the founder of Cloverstain. This is an alternative rock band from Peru and it was born on may 22, 2020. My big dream was initially called LOGIA, which was an amazing experience. I was 14 years old and I was so excited about playing my first electric guitar. After a few years, when I was 18 years old I decided to change the band name to HAARP just because I liked it more and I though nobody could have the same band name all around the world and that was correct because from the first time I uploaded 2 songs to Myspace Platform, the fan page had more than 64k views in t2 weeks, that was crazy but maybe the main reason was that people probably though that the band was involved to the HAARP Project (USA). Anyways, I was playing with many other people and maybe I played with more than 100 musicians in HAARP but nobody stayed probably because no one didn’t had the same goal than me from the beginning. In 2016 I got a job as a photographer on a cruise ship and I’ve got the opportunity to play in many countries and I knew many cool musicians who inspired me to continue my way on music as well. I went back home in 2018 and I hardly decided to get success. I continued recording my music but this time a little more professional. I had a contract signed with Altafonte Network and in 2020 I signed with Rehegoo Music Group. I was happy because both corporations started working with me including my 2 projects, Emma Lluncor (Instrumental Project) and my alternative rock band Cloverstain. Now I’m still working hard for showing you the best of life through music to your ears. Let’s Rock.