We want you to know all radios that play our music all around the world, all of them are so important and they’re part of our family, just like you. Also, you should know that here you can find invitations to festivals and concerts. 

Buena La Actitud Radio

[Buenos Aires, Argentina - October 11th, 2021]

Huge hug to all rockers from Argentina, beautiful rocker country. Thank you so much guys for this support, it is always a pleasure to be part of Buena La Actitud Radio, which always plays great music. Here you’ll know a bit more about us. Check it out.

Rock 66 Radio

[Madrid, Spain - September 30th, 2021]

So happy to know that many listeners from Rock 66 Radio are enjoying our music in Spain, specialy our song The end. Thanks for the big support. You guys rock!

Tiempos de Radio

[Lima, Perú - September 08th, 2021]

Tiempos de Radio is an online radio station located in Lima Peru, wich is one of the radios that always support us, and we hardly recommend to listen cuz the music they play is awesome! Big thanks for the support.

El Túnel del Rock - Radio Odisea

[Buenos Aires, Argentina - September 02nd, 2021]

Big thanks to our friend Roberto and his awesome program called El Túnel del Rock (Radio Odisea). It is amazing to know how rocker people from that great country receive our music. Love you all guys. You rock!

Stereo Hits Radio

[Potosi, Bolivia - August 30th, 2021]

We never heared about this radio before but when we first listen the cool bands they play and the conduction we seriously though that this would be so awesome to be part of it. Thank you Stereo Hits Radio for being so kind with us and for you support.

Radio Cambio de Hábito FM

[Buenos Aires, Argentina - August 29th, 2021]

We love this radios because of their energy and great vibes! Special thanks to this awesome people from Radio Cambio de Hábito FM from Argentina, they always support us. We all know that this special country is a really rocker country so for sure we’lle be there performing someday!

Rock Rage Radio

[Tennessee, United States - August 27th, 2021]

We feel so cool to know that Rock Rage Radio is playing our music. This is an awesome radio station from USA, so if you guys want to listen to really cool rock and metal music, this is the best option, absolutely. Big thanks to Rock Rage Radio, we’ll see you soon in The States.

Radio Cruda

[Pereira, Colombia - August 20th, 2021]

Great music is sound more and more, all around the world. You need to listen to Radio Cruda from Colombia if you still haven’t listened to it. They play some different kind of rock and metal and it’s great. Thanks Guys for your support.

Radio Odisea

[Buenos Aires, Argentina - August 12th, 2021]

Amazing news, this is the second time that Odisea Radio plays our music, so happy to know that. Norberto, the CEO of the readio station is an amazing guy and always supports us. Thank you Radio Odisea for sharing what we really love doing.

Radio Hecho en Chile

[Santiago de Chile, Chile - August 05th, 2021]

Big thanks to Radio Hecho en Chile for those kind words and for the support received from you. Thank you and we hope to see you soon in there to play and rock together.

WKM Radio FM 91.3

[Oruro, Bolivia - August 03th, 2021]

Thank you so much guys for those kind words. WKM Radio is an amazing radio that all rocker over the world should hardly listen cuz they play amazing music and the news they use to talk about are so really interesting. We’ll be talking with them soon.

Radio Efecto Radioactivo

[Montevideo, Uruguay - July 31st, 2021]

Radio Efecto Radioactivo is also known as Radio El aguantadero. People from the beautiful city of Uruguay. Our dear friend Rogelio Roldan is an amazing person who is also plying our music for all people from Uruguay wich is great and we’re preety thankful for that.

Radio Odisea

[Buenos Aires, Argentina - July 30th, 2021]

We’ve just realised that everytime that great radios like Odisea Radio play our music, it feels like sharing happiness, cuz it seems that people enjoy listening to us and we love to know how much they enjoy it. Thank you Radio Odisea for sharing what we really love doing.

Radio Frecuencia Evolutiva

[New York, USA - July 26th, 2021]

Big thanks to Radio Frecuencia Evolutiva for showing our music to New York (United States). We really hope to be in The States doing some gigs as soon as possible. We love you all guys.

Radio Criollísima

[New York, USA - July 24th, 2021]

Thanks to Radio Criollísima for showing our music to New York (United States). It is great to know that more and more people listen to our songs.

Radio Nacional

[Lima, Peru - July 17th, 2021]

It’s amazing to know that people from our country really enjoy the kind of music that we enjoy playing. Big thanks to Cecilia Brozovich and Radio Nacional for playing our song The end in the radio, wich is listened by all our beautiful country Peru. Thank you so much for your kind words and yeah, we’re gonna continue doing our best for doing more and more music. 

Open Radio

[Tacna, Peru - July 16th, 2021]

Thank you so much guys from Open Radio, Cloverstain feels so happy to know that you and your listeners enjoy listening our music. We really appreciate the support and we really hope to see you soon in real, rocking together. God bless you guys from Open Radio.

Estación 99 - Radio Santa Victoria 99.7FM

[Chiclayo, Peru - July 10th, 2021]

That was great to know that Cloverstain is being played by the program Estación 99 from the Santa Victoria Radio. We really appreciate the support and thanks to Diego Morales y Luz Salazar for the compliments. We really hope to see you soon.

Ciudad Radio 95.1 FM

[Moquegua, Peru - July 08th, 2021]

Everytime we listen to a radio station talking about Cloverstain like really good things, we seriously feel so greatful. We appreciate your beautiful words but we think that maybe this is just about lucky, cuz we couldn’t do anything by ourselves, there was always sombody willing to support our music, just like you. Thank you so much Ciudad Radio 95.1 FM for your compliments, you are part of our family now.

Programa Mixtura

[Lima, Peru - July 05th, 2021]

That was a big surprise to know that Mixtura is often playing our promotional song called “The end” in their program. This rock program is located in Lima, Peru; and they support many cool rock bands from Latin America who sound seriously amazing. Big thanks to Mixtura for receiving us with open arms.

Radio Retro

[Tacna, Peru - July 03th, 2021]

We felt so deep inside those words said by that guy when talked about Cloverstain. It is amazing to know that people who really enjoy the kind of music we play also enjoy the music that we create. Big thanks to Radio Retro from the south of Peru, absolutely you are also part of our family. Listen up what this guy said, those words moved us.

Radio Puerto del Sol

[Chiclayo, Peru - July 03th, 2021]

It is a pleasure to be part of the playlist of the Radio Puerto del Sol, in the program “Sonidos Libres” conducted by Héctor Vásquez. There’s a bunch of reasons why this program is amazing, like the kind of music for example. We’re also happy to know that this radio, from the natal city of Emma Lluncor (leader of the rock band) plays our music, this makes us feel so great.

Radio Subte Lima Sur

[Lima, Peru - July 01st, 2021]

We feel so greatful to know that Radio Subte Lima Sur plays our music on the station, it is amazing to know that we’re part of the playlist.

Zonika TV

[Chicago, USA - June 29th, 2021]

We got so surprised to know that Zonika TV accepted our music with open arms and made our theme song “The end” part of their playlist. Also they announced that “The end” will be considered for the nomination of the Latino Awards Chicago 2022, which is awesome. We’re so thankful for this welcome and opportunity. Thanks Zonika TV Radio for being part of our family.

Facundo Rock

[Sullana, Piura, Peru - June 25th, 2021]

Facundo Radio, from the north of Peru is now part of our family. They’re currently playing our album “Find my soul” in the radio station and their listeners are greatly considering some of the songs of Cloverstain as part of their life. Actually some of their listeners say that we really represent part what peruvian rock music is, and doesn’t really matters the main languaje used in the songs.

Influencias Radio

[Noord, Aruba - February 19th, 2021]

We’re so happy to know that Influencias Radio is showing our music to all people who listen to their radio station and this is awesome, cuz this radio station from Aruba is listened by many countries all around the world, which means that more and more people are knowing our name little by little. Thank you all guys.

Radio Vopaleson

[Rock y Blanco]

[Medellín, Colombia - January 13th, 2021]

It’s been a pleasure to be part of the “Rock & Blanco” program, overall cuz this radio program program was created with the purpose to promote peruvian music from a this colombian radio station to all the world. Thank you so much guys for this opportunity. We all know that Peru has many cool rock bands and it is great to know that you considered us as one of them. Big thanks from Cloverstain.

Tinkuy del Rock

[Lima, Peru - December 19th, 2020]

This was the first peruvian virtual festival where Cloverstain has been part, and that was an amazing experience for us to show what we have. Also we were so happy to know that the main purpose of this festival was to support and give some real help to peruvian kids from some cold areas. Those kids work from really earlly years to support to their own families and we were so happy to know that through music they could be helped.